MyBurgers – Capstone Project “UI/UX Specialization” (CalArts)

During the UI/UX Specialization from the University “California Institute of the Arts” I learned how to create user-friendly and accessible apps & websites.

It is also important to respect the interests of you and your users. Has the website a bad design or does the clients got lost on your site, they leave your website for good and will not buy your products/services. The design, the layout, the content and the functions have to be in perfect alignment with your client needs and expectations!

On classes, we made the planning as well as mockups for a fictional restaurant that offers a delivery service as well as a function to personalize your meals. The capstone project concluded with a prototype for this project.

I opted for MyBurgers, because I love burgers and I can identify myself the best with that trend-food.

The business should dominate with their fresh, healthy and young image. The USP clearly is the personalization aspect. Protoype